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Nonprofit Marketing And Communication Tools

Printed Documents

PLACEHOLDER TEXT:In order to get the best feedback from your donor we now have two versions of the surveys. Please choose the version that best suits your organization. Once an option is selected the code below will update automatically.

Single Page Flayer

(4) Mini Flayer Page

(2) Table Tent

Sticker Sheet

Single Page Flayer

(Click the image below to view / download)

Email Survey

Send your donor to your Donor Approved Local Survey with the URL below:


Example Customer Email (Feel free to copy this template)

Hi [NAME],

We just wanted to say thank you for choosing us and supporting our cause!

As you know we work hard to provide the best service we can, so we would love to get some feedback from you about your experience here with us.

It’s super quick (less than 30 seconds) and easy! Visit the following page and rate us:

Your honest feedback will help us do a better job for you and others in the future.

(Please click on the link above, or copy and paste it into your browser.)

Thanks so much for being our supporter!

Tablet Survey

Note: When a donor fills out this survey the review will be marked pending and a confirmation email will be sent to the donor. Once the link in that email is clicked or a full survey is completed, the review will be activated.

Do not give this link to your donors or you could receive spam attempts that would flood your review page. Any attempt to use this feature to generate fraudulent reviews will be cause for immediate account cancellation.


Display Donation ID field in your tablet survey.

QR Code Images

Want to insert a QR Code into your own pamphlet, flayer, or receipt?

(Click on an image below to download it to your computer)

Custom Design

Do you want us to design your marketing and communication materials for you?

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