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Product Page Code

Paste the following code on your product page to display all of your active product reviews.

Step 1: Copy Your Star Code (optional)

Note: This code is only for one product on the product page. If you have a category page, search page or any group of products, use the Category Code.

You will need to use your shopping cart templating engine to replace [PRODUCT / SERVICE ID] on each page that this code is placed on.

Step 2: Select Your Options

If you want to add any of the reviews below to your 'Hand-Picked Reviews' to be featured on your Donor Approved Certificate and on your Review widgets, simply check the box next to that review to select or un-check to deselect. Changes will be automaticaly saved.

These options will apply globally to all of your code on your site.

Display merchant reviews until you have this many product reviews:
Include a link on the widget for your customers to write a review:
Number of product reviews to collect before the product review summary is shown on the product page:
Inject JSON-LD schema into product page using the product widget:

Default product / service review sort order:

Default merchant fallback sort order:

The following options will update your product page code below (Step 3.). If you change these selections, the updated code must be copied and replace the existing product page code on your site to have the changes take effect.

Maximum number of reviews to display:
Date format:

Step 3: Copy Your Product Page Code

This code needs to be placed once on each page that you would like category stars to show.

Specify locations for the stars by creating elements with the class star_container with each donation on the page.

For Example:
<div class="star_container"></div>

Advanced: specify exact locations for the stars by creating elements with the classes star_container and the Product ID:

For Example:
<div class="star_container F10800"></div>

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