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Integration Options

These are the steps to complete the integration process to collect donor reviews.

Enter your Product or Service Feed URL or Upload a Product / Service Feed

Product / Service Feed:

Add the Product / Service Code Snippet to your Thank You Page or Donation Page

Create code on your thank you page or donation page to populate the sa_products variable in a manner similar to the example shown in Step 2. Programming experience is required.

This is required and must be in addition to the donation code from Donor Reviews > Survey Options.

These steps require a developer that can change your server side code to include the donor ids of the donation.

This is demo code. Place your customized code on the same page as your current Thank You Page code. You will need to add code to include all of the donation in the completed order.donation

Implement Donor Page Code

Install the Donation Page code to show reviews on individual donation pages. You will need to use your donation cart templating engine to replace [DONOR ID] on each page that this code is placed on. This ID needs to match the donor ID in the feed you provided in Step 1.

Implement Category Page Code

Install the Category Code on pages where you want to display stars for multiple products and services on one page. For example, donation listing pages or similar item carousels.

Note about item carousels: Please note the default behavior is that if no reviews are found no star containers will be shown. If you would like empty stars to show you will need to create code to do so.)

The above steps are a general overview of the steps that need to be taken to implement Donor Approved’s code. For specific instructions for a donation cart, please contact support@donorapproved.com. Due to the complex nature of cart integrations, Donation Approved may not have code on-hand that will work for your integration. We highly recommend procuring the service of a web designer who is familiar with your cart.

This link can be emailed to your active donors to give them an opportunity to rate your organization and your cause.

(Note: Your product / service feed must be uploaded and you will need to add your actual product / service IDs in the link.)

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