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Account Settings is where you can update high-level items such as your logo, the primary email address associated with your account, and email alert preferences specifically related to the primary email.

Please Note: If you want to create staff accounts, go to the ‘Accounts’ tab in your Dashboard.

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These review settings are specially for the Primary account holder and are sent out in a daily summary email.

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When adding your logo, our system will scale it to 100 pixels tall x 300 pixels wide. Logos on a white background are recommended.

Give your surveys a personal touch by uploading your organization logo. Your logo will appear on your Initial and Full Surveys. (PNG files only. Max width 500px.)

Note: Uploading a new image will replace your current logo file.

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The About Us feature gives you an opportunity to tell new donors that visit our Featured Directory and/or view your individual review pages who you are what is your cause all about and why they should support your mission. You can also add one contextual anchor text link in the content. This will help you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and give your new donors a way to visit your website directly.

This is a great way to put your best foot forward, so take some time to make your about us content as positive explain about your cause mission. Also make sure it is inviting and professional as possible.

About Us

Enter your About Us text in the text box below (200 word limit). To add your contextual anchor text link, highlight the word or phrase that you want to turn into a link and then click on the chain link image in the menu above the text box. This will open a new window. Simply enter your URL (be sure to include http:// in your URL) then click on the Insert button and your link will be added. Once your write up is complete, click on the “Commit Changes” link below the text box to submit your about us text. (If you don’t see the “chain link” image, try refreshing the page and/or try a different internet browser).

NOTE: It is not recommended to copy and paste from any word processing program.

Example ‘About Us’ Content

We are expanding our K-5 Calm Puppy Curriculum, which has paired Adorable Puppies with Grade School Students to Ease Anxiety Around Standardized Testing.

We are also taking steps to Cultivate More Community Volunteers by bringing Adorable Puppies to Neighborhood Parks and holding Free Trainings for Adults who want to Help in Our Programs. All our Free Trainings include Cookies and Puppy Kisses and volunteers have been known to have so much fun, they continue their work with This Company for an average of Ten Years!

We aim to work with even more Instagram Famous Dogs in 2018 and beyond, inviting friendly and famous faces to events throughout the year.

Create Your Custom About Us Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Options

Why SEO for nonprofits is important:

donors are shifting their preference to online sources as a means to give to the causes they care about. … Technical SEO: these factors help search engines navigate through the backend of your website digging deeper into the relevance of your content on the topics you or your donors write about.

Note: Once you have completed entering the desired keywords make sure to click the “Commit Changes”

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